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LCZ specialises in warehousing and storage. As your 3PL and 4PL partner, we provide both logistics expertise and strategic alliance.

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Logistics Services

Container stuffing and stripping

  • Palletising of containers for distribution
  • Suitable for both raw materials and finished products
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  • Reliable storage of goods in our advanced warehouse facilities
  • Ready for delivery on your schedule
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Order picking

  • Order picking and preparation
  • Pallets, boxes or individual items
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Repacking bulky items in larger or smaller quantities as desired

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  • Ground storage: ideal for stackable goods and oversized pallets. Flexibility in indoor and outdoor storage options
  • Racking system specially designed for storage of bulky items. Pallet shuttle system with space for 15,000 pallets. Standard pallet racking to meet various needs.
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  • Impressive 50,000 tonnes of indoor storage capacity.
  • Open coil storage available up to 100,000 tonnes.
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  • Forklift trucks from 3 to 8 tonnes, suitable for various logistics tasks.
  • We have a 33-tonne forklift truck available, which can be fitted with coil handling equipment.
LCZ 33 ton heftruck
  • Effective stock management for inventory optimisation.
  • Seamless linking to your ERP software with EDI for real-time inventory management, document management and tracking of incoming and outgoing goods. Our advanced scanning system ensures accuracy, efficiency and monitoring of all warehouse activities.
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Our repacking machine (re)packs your goods fast and efficiently. This is essential if you need to adapt products to specific market requirements or distribution channels.

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Just in time & 24/7 Delivery

Our own transport service ensures a timely supply of raw materials and seamless removal of end products according to your production rate. Thanks to shrewd, in-house scheduling and an extensive fleet, our business operates 24/7.

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Approved Customs Warehouse

We have permits for loading and unloading docks, RTO and special customs warehousing authorisation. We offer customs warehousing for goods that are waiting for clearance or exceed certain quotas. That way you are assured of your goods’ compliance.


Inland Waterways Terminal

Opt for an effective supply and delivery of goods using our inland waterways terminal, eliminating the need for pre-carriage or on-carriage. It’s a direct and sustainable solution to your transport needs.

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Customised Supply Chain Efficiency?

LCZ has the necessary expertise, tools and facilities to optimise your logistics and transport processes. We provide solutions tailored to your needs, with a clearly defined plan and budget. We work with you to reconsider traditional modes of transport and make the transition to more effective and sustainable alternatives.

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