Intermodal Terminal

Combine efficiency and sustainability. We know what we’re doing when it comes to cargo transport, transshipment and storage.


Strategic Intersection of Roads and Waterways

Roads and waterways intersect at LCZ’s location, allowing for cost-effective transport by road and water. The logistically important Bossuit-Kortrijk Canal connects our terminal to the major ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. Additionally, it assures access to water-bound industry in Flanders, France, the Netherlands and Germany. Our direct connection to various transport routes such as the E17 and E403 motorways also facilitates a rapid flow of goods.

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Our Terminal

Container terminal

  • Efficient container transshipment and storage facilities
  • Reliable throughput thanks to daily trips between Antwerp and Rotterdam
  • Empty container depot
LCZ 179

Bulk terminal

Loading, unloading, storage and processing of:

  • Building materials
  • Raw materials
  • Biomass
  • Scrap metal
  • Grain
  • Fertiliser
  • Etc.
LCZ 166

Breakbulk terminal

Loading, unloading, storage and processing of:

  • Coils and steel products
  • Machinery and vehicles
  • Abnormal loads
  • General cargo
  • Timber
  • Etc.
LCZ 81
  • Icon container 0 TEU/year
  • Icon coil 3 0 tonnes/year
  • Open stockage 0 m² terminal
  • Icon co2 0 tonnes reduction in carbon emissions


Our generous 250-metre quay along the Bossuit-Kortrijk Canal is suitable for vessels up to Class Vb.

LCZ 184

Our state-of-the-art electric harbour crane has a lift capacity of 70 tonnes, ensuring fast, safe transshipments. Thanks to its special design and the use of various lifting devices (coil tong, container spreader, bulk material grapple, scrap grapple), this versatile crane can handle containers, bulk and break bulk.

LCZ 13

Our powerful reach stacker has a lift capacity of 46 tonnes for safe, efficient container handling. It is designed for maximum productivity and provides us with the flexibility we need for modern container operations.

LCZ 23

Approximately 20,000 TEU pass through our spacious container yard of 40,000 m2 each year. The layout has been optimised for throughput and storage, allowing us to respond quickly to your needs. en.

LCZ 168

With a capacity of 10,000 m3, we offer a secure, effective solution for bulk goods and raw materials storage.

LCZ bunkeropslag

Some goods require special care. Our reefer power connection ensures continuous, reliable temperature control.


Seamless Import and Export over Inland Waterways

LCZ’s extensive network of barges in various tonnages makes us your ideal partner for inland waterway transport. Whether it concerns the transport of bulk goods and containers or abnormal loads, we ensure a sustainable, efficient throughput.

Lcz modal shift

Empty depot

Our empty depot services offer a strategic solution for the throughput, storage and maintenance of empty containers. Optimise your container rotation and avoid additional expenses.


Reasons to Opt for Inland Waterways

LCZ provides sustainable, efficient transport solutions thanks to an extensive network of cargo ships and logistics services.

1 barge = 100 lorries


Larger capacity

Sustainable alternative

Logistics Services

Besides our terminal, LCZ also offers full-service logistics solutions. From careful loading and unloading of your goods to safe storage and accurate order picking: our team of experts pay careful attention to every aspect of your supply chain, ensuring smooth operations.

LCZ 119

Last mile

Efficient last mile delivery is a huge challenge in logistics. LCZ ensures secure, timely deliveries of goods at the specified times, improving customer satisfaction and reducing your operating costs.

LCZ 88
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