Moving Towards a
Sustainable Future Together

Sustainability is key to a successful future in the logistics industry.

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We don’t approach sustainability as a trend; it is an integral element of our business philosophy. Our approach is holistic: from reducing our environmental footprint to caring for our people’s welfare. Discover how we are changing the standards for our industry and shaping a greener future.

Reducing Our Footprint

Electric Journey

From our inland barges, transshipment equipment and lorries to our forklifts, we are on our way to electrification. We are committed to a quiet, emission-free logistics future.

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On-Site Green Energy Production

Our roof is fitted with solar panels, allowing us to benefit from renewable energy. We are also hard at work investigating options for energy storage and grid balancing using containers to further improve our energy efficiency.

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Modal Shift: From Roads to Waterways

Our multipurpose terminal allows for inland waterway transport as a more sustainable alternative to road transport. We ensure a seamless transition from road to water, reducing carbon emissions significantly. Furthermore, inland waterways offer a reliable and cost-effective transport solution, reducing road traffic and allowing goods to be transported more efficiently.

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Last Mile Efficiency

By bundling cargo and consolidating transport flows to final destinations, we need fewer trips to deliver the same volume of goods. As the logistics hub for Southwest Flanders, this directly affects traffic congestion and the amount of carbon emissions in the air.

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Honeybeez Collaboration

In partnership with Honeybeez we have set up two beehives on our premises, which are tended with care by a professional beekeeper.Bees play a crucial role in our ecosystem, as they help to pollinate plants.Best of all?The honey produced by our bees goes to our employees and customers as a sweet reminder of our collaboration.

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Our Sustainable Corporate Culture

Sustainability is about more than searching for environmentally friendly alternatives; it is also about creating a positive work environment where people can grow. Our team is our greatest resource. We only work with local people and invest in their welfare. Safety, team spirit and engagement are some of our core company values.

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Interested in implementing sustainable logistics processes yourself?

Sustainability is no longer a choice, it’s a necessity.LCZ has the necessary expertise, tools and facilities to optimise your logistics and transport processes. We provide solutions tailored to your needs, with a clearly defined plan and budget. We work with you to reconsider traditional modes of transport and make the transition to more effective and sustainable alternatives.

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