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An effective logistics chain can make or break your business. Regardless of the niche in which you operate, we are proud of our logistics solutions. Fully tailored to your specific needs.

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Full-Service Solution for Your Supply Chain

Intermodal Inland Waterways Terminal

LCZ’s multipurpose terminal assures you of sustainable transport. Our team of professionals ensure your goods’ streamlined transport, storage and transshipment. Opt for a fast throughput, cost savings and consistent quality with our customer-oriented approach.

Our terminal
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Logistics Services

As a full-service logistics provider, we can support you in every aspect of your supply chain. From operational duties to a review of your business processes. We are your logistics expert and your strategic ally, too.

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LCZ combines seamless land and water transport with a future-oriented outlook. Whether you’re transporting pallets, bulk goods, containers or coils, you are assured of your goods’ reliable and timely delivery.

Our transport services
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Customised Supply Chain Efficiency

LCZ has the necessary expertise, tools and facilities to optimise your logistics and transport processes. We provide solutions tailored to your needs, with a clearly defined plan and budget. We work with you to reconsider traditional modes of transport and make the transition to more effective and sustainable alternatives.

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