LCZ has special logistics processes available for heavy and oversized steel products. Whether it concerns steel sections, sheets, coils, slabs or scrap metal, we will handle your steel products safely and smoothly. From storage to transport.

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Our terminal’s electric crane unloads containers and steel sections from ships fast and effectively. Thanks to our extensive facilities, we can also safely handle coil transshipments, straight from the vessel.

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Logistics Services

LCZ is capable of steel storage and handling thanks to our 33-tonne forklift trucks.We have special sheds for effective storage of coils and steel sections. As an approved customs warehouse, we have permits for loading and unloading docks, RTO and special customs warehousing authorisation. Customs warehousing for goods that are waiting for clearance is no problem. That way you are assured of your goods’ compliance.

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LCZ 33ton heftruck coils


Thanks to specially outfitted trailers, LCZ can load and transport coils safely. Our lorries are optimised for transport of steel sections, ensuring that the steel’s quality and integrity is maintained.

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