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Demand for consumer goods fluctuates wildly and customer expectations are high. Whether it concerns electronics, textiles or flooring, we ensure a smooth throughput from port to wholesaler.

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At our terminal, we facilitate a streamlined container management process. Our capable crane unloads containers from the ships quickly and safely, after which they receive a spot in our extensive container yard. Then our reach stacker carefully positions each container on the right lorry, ready to head off to its next destination.

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Logistics Services

We are experts at container stuffing and stripping, stacking your goods with the greatest of care. Reach trucks efficiently place pallets of your goods in the racks, followed by a detailed order picking process using a scanning system. Forklift trucks make sure each order is ready and waiting to head out on the lorries. If desired, we can relabel your products and add a display.


When transporting consumer goods, we pay close attention to detail. We originally started out in road haulage. Thanks to this expertise, each lorry is fitted with the right trailer depending on your goods’ specific needs. From standard curtainsiders and container chassis trailers to bulk and coil trailers or EMS combinations, we know all the right equipment to meet your needs. That way your items always arrive in perfect condition.

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