Our History:
from haulage company
to logistics hub

Originally an international haulage company, we have since grown into a full-service logistics provider. This is the story of LCZ.Through the years we have adapted to market changes, innovating and expanding in response to our customers’ needs.

Laebens logistics transport geschiedenis oude vrachtwagen

From International Haulage…

LCZ’s story begins four generations in the past, in the grain and coal trade. That eventually shifted to building materials, followed by a move into international haulage.

…To Logistics Experts

Changing market dynamics resulted in our transformation into a logistics one-stop-shop offering a wide range of logistics and distribution services. More than that, we are supply chain designers, reviewing and optimising your business processes. Are you dealing with logistics challenges? We can provide tailored solutions.

About our approach

Sustainable Alliance with HTS Group

LCZ collaborates with HTS Group, another true family business like our own that is also expanding fast. The sustainable nature of this alliance is due to our having the same DNA. We are all closely involved with our customers, our employees and our partners, too.

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